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Safety is our No. 1 Goal. VEC’s safety program is embedded deep within our company culture and it is reinforced on a daily basis with all staff and subcontractors. This dedication to safety directly contributes to the well being our people and the overall success of all stakeholders

Lean Construction

We provide staff and project teams internal training and continual monitoring jobs systems and processes for a fully integrated approach to project delivery; with a focus on eliminating waste and implementation of Last Planner® (LP) system


Construction Planning – Last Planner® system is the primary planning tool employed by VEC. Our system of training employees and subcontractor/stakeholders is an invaluable tool for successful project delivery. As planning and scheduling are the primary tools for effective management – we use this process as the cornerstone of our operational delivery method. 75% of our Project resources side with LP® systems for complex project and communication resource support. Be genuine and honest – the rest takes care of itself.


Predictable Workflow – Target workflow variation at 0, the complete elimination of waste. Waste in Construction can be categorized as overproduction, waiting, inventory, wasted movement, effort, and over-processing. We strive to eliminate these actions through Lean Construction methodologies. Targets are set a ZERO waste – employing LP® system, efficiencies meet Planned Percent Complete (PPC) at 90-95%.


People are our most important asset. Building a construction company requires dedicated, skilled and professional personnel that understand the nuance of complex environments, projects, and teams.